Everything You Need To Become Comic Creator

Membership in the workshop gives you access to all the benefits, features below.

Member Benefits

Bite-sized lessons on making comics and other related topics

Challenges that will help you grow and hone your skills as a creator

Advanced access to recordings of the monthly guest speakers from the comic book industry

The support and camaraderie of other creators on the same journey via weekly virtual work sessions

Access to one-on-one mini coaching sessions

Topics we will be covering:

• Your audience
• Generating Ideas
• The 7 basic plots
• The outline and script formats
• Measurable goals
• Character motivation
• Character shape theories
• Character exaggeration
• Character color theories
• Tips on collaborating
• Art reference
• Using photos
• Software and equipment

• Coloring
• Lettering
• Page layout
• Designing the cover
• Comic books vs graphic novels
• Self publishing
• Web comics
• Offset printing vs print-on-demand
• The markets
• Email blasts and newsletters
• Blogs and podcasts
• Press releases and reviews
• Crowdfunding

• Using social media
• Kickstarter rewards
• Dos and don'ts of comic cons
• Selling to schools and libraries
• The "club"
• Networking within the industry
• Ways to be
• All about agents
• Working with small publishers
• Contracts
• Building professional relationships
• Supplemental income
• Career Realities

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
– Arthur Ashe