Everything You Need To Become A Comic Creator

Membership in the workshop gives you access to all the benefits and features below.

Member Benefits

Weekly Lessons
Bite-sized lessons on making comics with challenges that will help you grow and hone your skills as a creator.

Exclusive Access
Audio access to dozens of interviews of guest speakers from the comic book industry.

Share your work and receive constructive pointers and insights from workshop instructors and fellow members.

The support and camaraderie of other creators on the same journey via online classes and co-working sessions.

Special Events & Opportunities
Members have access to tabling privileges at comic cons we attend as well as publishing opportunities.

It's Better Together!

One of the biggest challenges about any kind of work is motivation. But having friends and comrades who can do it with you is a great incentive to be productive. That is the secret sauce of the Comic Arts Workshop. By working alongside other aspiring creators, we are better, stronger, faster. If telling your stories in the medium of comics is something you feel in your heart, then we are your tribe. Somewhere out there, someone is waiting for your story. 


"Ramon's knowledge in everything comic book is phenomenal. He can write, draw, edit and has published his own comics for years. As much a creator as he is an observer of our industry"

Fabrice Sapolsky
Creator of Spider-man Noir, Founder of Mutiny Magazine

 "If you dream of being a creative person - any kind of creative person, you must learn, develop and master your craft...Ramon Gil is a writer who treasure his craft." 

Tom DeFalco
Writer, former Editor-in-Chief, Marvel Comics

"Ramon Gil is great at what he does.
And he’s proven that he can
get work published and has a
community of support!"

Chris Allo
Artists Representative & Talent Manager, Magnus Arts

"I’ve gained skills and experiences that have demonstrably advanced my career as a comics creator. More importantly, I found a supportive circle of friends among people who are as passionate about making great comics as I am." 

Greg Silber
Writer at The Comics Beat

"I got feedback on my plot ideas, tips on how to pace the story, and – most importantly – a network of other creators eager to make their mark in comics...I highly recommend Comic Arts Workshop if you want to develop your own work!

Glenn Isip
Creator of Trash 2 Transit, Benchmark Education 

“Clever, funny, a guy who’s willing to
put his money where his mouth is…
I think Ramon Gil has quite a future ahead
of him, and I’m looking forward to reading
more of his work.”

 Mike Gold
Editor-in-chief, Comics Mix


Many of our members have achieved amazing things!
• Glen Isip got a graphic novel published by Benchmark Education
• Gregory Maldonado got accepted to the DC Talent Initiative Program
• Robert Livingston publishes his Tom & Artie comic
• Jonah Newman is now an editor at Scholastic
• Greg Silber now writes for the Comic Beat
• David Puppo was hired by AWA Studios as a comic Illustrator
• Graham Henderson publishes Aquadogs and Compatabots 
• and many more!

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
– Arthur Ashe