Virtual Class & Bullpens

Below is the link for our class meetings and "virtual bullpens." In the old days, a bullpen was the area of a comic book publishing company where all the creators gathered and did their work. Here at the workshop, we are trying to recreate that same environment of working alongside each other. You can also use this session to discuss relevant topics, offer support or ask for feedback.

Class is on alternate Wednesdays at 8pm
Virtual Bullpens are every Sunday at 7:00 pm EST

Just click on this button to join us at the appropriate time.
Password is "305883" Meeting ID is "853 2643 7176" Passcode is "305883"

Upon Entering

Wait for an appropriate time to introduce yourself and share any of the following: What you're working on, what you would like to accomplish today or any request for support or feedback.

The Rules

In order to maintain a safe and supportive environment, please always be respectful of all members. Topics not related to comics should be avoided (like politics or religion). No insults, judging or unsolicited advice. 

About Feedback

Remember that feedback is nothing but information that can't physically affect you unless you let it. Consider it a gift of knowledge which, upon after open-minded consideration, you get to choose to use or not use.