A Workshop Designed for Busy People

Founded in 2017, the workshop was started by artist, writer and educator Ramon Gil as a meetup group for aspiring comic book creators in New York City. Now, we have created a curriculum designed for folks with day jobs. And being online, it's available to everyone, anywhere!

In The Beginning...

It was all about inviting industry pros to come speak. We would do Q&As, network and, once in a while, throw a party or hang out at a local event. Our guests have included (below) Neal Adams (Continuity), Gina Gagliano (Random House), Roz Chast (New Yorker), Anthony Marques (The Joe Kubert School), Heidi MacDonald (The Beat), David Saylor (Scholastic) and many more!

We Put On A Comic Con!

Being an instructor at SUNY | Fashion Institute of Technology, Ramon enlisted the help of workshop members and previous guests speakers to organize the school's first ever Diversity Comic Con! Panel discussions, cosplayers and over a hundreds exhibitors! The 2018 show was so successful, we are now going on our third year!

We Made Our First Comic!

In 2019, we produced a comic anthology called Create, Destroy, Repeat. The result of weeks of lessons, writing and drawing. All the twelve participants were first time creators who learned about story, art, production, marketing, crowdfunding and more! Our book was  so good that it was picked up and published by Pronto Comics!

An Unexpected Turn of Events

In 2020 with the start of the pandemic lockdown, we've had to switch to online meetings. As a consequence this has allowed us to, not only feature guests who weren't local, but we started getting attendees from all over the country opening up our membership to everyone, everywhere!

So now's your chance to be part of nurturing community and gain the skills and mindset it takes to be 

a confident and consistent creator of your own stories!